Why Network Marketing

A new type of Network Marketing with Helo LX

Don't settle for an outdated method

  • Signup fees & annual fees
  • Products that require sampling
  • Home parties & weekly meetings
  • Product inventory stocking
  • Prices that are not competitive
  • Monthly autoship & shipping costs
  • Difficult & unrewarding pay plans
  • Too much market competition

The better way

  • No signup or annual fees
  • Products that sell themselves
  • NO weekly home parties or meetings
  • NO Product inventory stocking
  • Priced to create unbeatable value
  • Membership with no monthly shipping
  • Pays 10 times more than most plans
  • Virtually zero market competition

A message from a couple of our team leaders.


- Position Yourself Today -

We have the worlds newest technology that is projected to dominate the tech industry in 2017 by Fox News.  Allow us to help you reach your full earning potential.

Your timing could not be better for this product!  Wor(l)d is about to shock the wearable technology industry and you can join before the critical masses!

We have proven leaders that are currently earning over $100,000 weekly and our Diamond team average is $10,000 per month.

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